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New York

The Department of Insurance requires a Certificate of Completion from an approved state course to issue an Insurance License.

$69.95* - PMReview/ADBanker Online Course

Life and Health Insurance, Life ONLY or Health ONLY:

  • Specifically Formatted for the State Exam Provider
  • FAST - Click Today - Start Today. Study on your own time and at your own pace - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Certificate of Completion is earned at the end of the course.
  • EASY - Online Course is easy to use, easy to understand and will prepare you for the exam.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - Our partnership allows for discounted pricing for our preferred clients.

*Preferred client pricing with Purchase of the PMReview ZoomPack Exam Prep materials.

$29.95 - PMReview ZoomPack Online Exam Prep (30‑day Access)

The PMReview ZoomPack includes the following products:

  • PMReview800 – 800-Question Practice Exam and Review – 400 life and annuity questions, 400 health questions with explanations everyone can understand. Students know IMMEDIATELY if they are right or wrong and WHY.
  • ZoomBook (PDF) – The L&H Insurance License Exam Study Guide – The 100 Hot Topics students need to know to pass the exam the first time. Includes ZoomWords – 500+ industry term glossary. (The ZoomBook is in English or Spanish)
  • ZoomCourse - Online 24 Video Review Course – 9+ Hours of video Instruction that corresponds directly to each section of the ZoomBook. Watch the ‘crash-course’ section videos at your own pace and on your own time.

** The ZoomPack does not fulfill the certificate of completion requirement. Use for Exam Prep and Review ONLY**