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Managers... Here's what we have at PMReview to assist you in your training operation

All States - The ZoomPack

Our ZoomPack consists of three powerful tools: ZoomBook, ZoomCourse, and the PMReview 800 Question Practice Exams. With the ZoomPack, you have:

  • The ability to monitor your students as they proceed through the PMReview 800 Question Practice Exams and the 24 videos in the ZoomCourse. You can see how much time they are spending and what days they are logged in. Powerful information. We supply a manager's password for you to get in our website and monitor.
  • The ZoomBook. This is a PDF consisting of about 50 pages of the important 100 topics of insurance you will find in the questions on the state exams. It is a condensed and easy to read booklet providing a lot of help to students new to the industry. It's an explanation of the exam topics. The ZoomBook also contains a glossary/dictionary of definitions, known as the ZoomWords. The ZoomBook is included with the ZoomPack password at no additional cost.
  • TheZoomCourse. We have an Intensive Review we have produced in 24 videos for 24/7 use. The ZoomCourse is included with the ZoomPack password at no additional cost.

The PMReview ZoomBook by itself is also available from for a Kindle or any device with a Kindle App.  The price is $2.99 from Amazon.  For more information, click HERE  for the English version and HERE  for the Spanish version.

For those states that require a pre-licensing class, we have most of them covered with an Approved Self-paced class, online. Click on INSURANCE Classes, and then select your state for further information.

We have a number of other courses from Continuing Education and Property & Casualty to the FINRA Series 6 and 7, Self-paced, and online. All states.