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The following e-mail messages are typical of what have been received by recently. They have been edited for spelling, except for one, and their names have been deleted.

“I passed the state exam today on the first try. Thanks for creating this work of art and allowing me the privileges to use your online pm review-boot camp training program. I could actually say that the pm review was more difficult than my state exam. It is very possible that I learned so much with your program that the test was a just a walk in the park. You are up to date without a doubt.” xxxxx xxxxxxxx

“I passed yesterday!!!! I failed the 1st time a month ago. Your questions helped me tremendously. I saw some of the same exact questions and the rest I was able to answer because of your explanations and memorization word tracks. I breezed thru most of the questions. The best money I ever spent!!! I am soooo happpyyyy!!! My boss is extra thrilled also. I feel so good. I passed the series 7 11 years ago and this test was not nearly as difficult but I still have the same feeling of accomplishment. Please put this message on your web-site. Believe me I will spread the word the minute I know of someone who has to take the test.” xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx

“If it wasn’t for your Web site I don’t think I would have passed my Life and Variable Annuity exam!! I would say at least 60% of your sample question were on the state test exactly as you asked them. Here is on of the trick Questions I remember : ” Jack committed suicide 9 months after taking out a life insurance policy, He paid in advance three years of premiums, how much will his Insurance company pay at his death?” I don’t remember all of the choice’s, but I’m sure you can imagine how tricky they were. Have a great day!!” xxxxxx x. xxxxxxxx (They return all the premiums paid)

“I took these tests yesterday and passed, thanks to you and hours of study on your website. There were 8-9 people taking the test with me and I was the only one who passed. There is no question in my mind that one cannot pass this test by only going to the 40 hour course, which was the case with my fellow test takers. There were 50 questions right out of your playbook and they were a snap. There were another 50 that had a relationship to those 800 practice questions but the remainder were from Mars. Maybe they were in the book, I don’t know but they were very difficult and poorly worded as you said they would be. Anyway it is a distant memory for me now and I am thinking of the next step in my new career process, Property and casualty. Again, thank you for being there.” xxxxx xxxxxx

“I appreciate the help and advice from your website. I took the test today and passed and I feel a lot of that had to do with the pmreview! The test was quite tricky in the way the test builders asked the questions and created the scenarios. In fact, I would go as far as to say that over 50% of the test utilized a format that is meant to “trip up” and puzzle the test taker- it really irritated me! It seemed their idea of testing my insurance knowledge was to task my reading comprehensions skills and attempt to confuse me with tons of closely related terminology and jargon! I can see how individuals who haven’t tested in a while, either through college courses or something similar, might have a problem with the way ideas and information on the tests were communicated. Anyway, the Life and Variable Annuity questions are really similar to the material that is on pmreview. The Health questions were also similar but I could have probably past those just by reading the sections in the book on Disabilities, disability buy-sell agreements and disability insurance. Also, there were some questions repeated twice! I had the exact same question concerning “equity-indexed annuities” twice. I also had the exact same question about “HMO subscribers” precisely word-for-word! The best advice I can give anyone is to study the questions and soak in all the advice given on pmreview, ALL OF IT! And, read the book! To tell you the truth I was kicking myself during the test because I felt like reading the book more would have made things a lot easier. I think most every question had only two feasible and practical answers that were relevant, giving me a 50-50 chance for the credit. The real chore was reading and understanding what the test builders wanted you to do (deciphering the questions)! Thanks Again”

“I took the health life and variable annuities exam today and I am happy to say that I passed. I started reviewing with your course last Thursday and I believe that the review was the help I needed to pass the exam. It is just so coincidentally peculiar last Tuesday morning when I was getting really ready to get serious about reviewing for the exam; I happened to be thinking to myself how great it would be if I could attend a cram course! That very day as I checked my mail I received your brochure on the progressive review. It was like a Godsend !! Just what I needed and much more convenient than a cram course. I would certainly recommend the review to anyone that is trying for the license. Thanks Again!!”

“Success! I passed both the life and var annuity and the health on Friday! Your review is absolutely excellent, and I have forwarded your name and net site to my company. We are always certifying people for insurance exams. I am convinced that your review was what helped me pass. I was able to (with my limited time) review 250 life questions and 200 health. Your answers and details of why you were right or wrong on a question helped tremendously! There were a few questions on the actual exam that I know I answered correctly because of this review. I can’t thank you enough! Please feel free to use my “experience” to help solicit your review…I’d like to share the wealth!”

“I Passed!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making your services and your time available to me. On the test that I took there were no questions on Social Security, Medicare, taxes (except for one on the taxation of employer contributions), and a few other topics that I thought would surely be on the exam. I would guess-ta-mate that about 80%-85% of the exam involved mostly the basics (i.e. basic conceptual ideas and definitions). Another 10%-15% involved researching the old memory banks and logical thinking. And about 5% involved questions that were ambiguous as to the exact situation surrounding the question. One question was just bad. I doubt that its author could have answered it correctly with the assumption that he/she even knew what they were talking about when they wrote it... I had quite a few questions on disability buy-out plans, HMO’s, The Health Care and Insurance Reform Act of 1993, and a few questions involving situations where an applicant submitted an application with his first premium, the company issued the policy without ever attaching the application and later (23 months in one question) the policyowner filed a claim. There is no doubt that your services were of great benefit to me. Anybody who passes up the opportunity to utilize your service either enjoys making life more difficult than it should be or they have become accustomed to making bad decisions in which case not using your services would just mean that life continues on as usual. After taking the state exam I can honestly say that your service was of much more value to me than the 40 hour state required course THAT I TOOK. The class that I sat through was a waste of time and in fact, if I did not have common sense, I would have actually been hindered quite severely by some of the information provided, as well as that not provided, in class. Well, to finish making a short story long………THANKS”

“I passed. I had no arithmetic questions but I had three on the Disability BuyOut. The answer to one of the questions was answered in the wording of one of the others. I had no questions that were “none of the above” or “all of the above” as the answer — unless I missed the questions. While I was waiting to get a computer (which we got more hurriedly than planned so I could use your program), I did read about 100 pages of the manual. So your program is so good that anyone with reasoning skills can pass the test with your program without reading the book from cover to cover. I did, however, study the glossary and looked up some tables and page numbers as you might reference for some study. It was nice to be able to do this in the comfort of my own home. I did not have to take the prerequisite class because I was licensed in another state–but I didn’t use the license much and was very rusty. Thanks again and again.”

“2 months after taking my 40 hr. course and a few days before my scheduled test appointment, I received a post card for your website. Myself and friend both failed the exams, as a matter of fact all seven who took it that day failed. I immediately took you up on a 2 month subscription to your site. My friend and I couldn’t believe how on the money your questions were. We studied them for at least 5 weeks. When we both took our next exam we no longer were intimidated and breezed right through… I only wish I would have received your post card shortly after finishing my 40 hr. course. I know I would have passed the first time if I would have used your website sooner.. many thanks”

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your pm review study materials over the internet. In seven months I have taken the 40 hour course three times and the state exam one time. Rereading the book at home has proven to be very difficult as I work about ten to eleven hours per day. The 800 hundred question test for Life, Variable Annuities, and Health were instrumental in my success in passing the state exam today. This was really a learning tool for me as the wrong answers taught me as much as the correct ones. Once again, Thank You for your informative study materials.”

“Hello, This is xxxxx xxxxxx. I called you Sunday two weeks ago. With your patient help Sunday night, I subscribed to the PMREVIEW. I used the system for the next week, sat for the test March 2nd and passed. I truly believe that your exam review was the sole contributing factor to my success. I say this because I did not open the book beyond the 40 hour class required. Just thought I would let you know that I have passed the PMRreview information on to others in our office that are studying to sit for the exam. Again, thank you for your kind and patient help.”

“I just wanted to let you know I passed this morning. Thanks. I’m glad you sent me that card.”

“I wanted to thank you for putting this review together. I was reading the book and it was getting sooo boring. Your review was a breath of fresh air. It really got me to learn the concepts through interactive learning on the internet. I passed the test this morning and now I am licensed. I spent two days on the computer and it was well worth it. You were right when you said that they will try to trick you on the test, but by the way the answers were explained I couldn’t go wrong. I highly recommend the Internet review to anyone preparing to take the state exam. I need to go prospecting, so once again THANK YOU!” xxx xxxxx

“I hope you are feeling better, last time we talk you were very sick, anyway I write you back to tell you that your study program does work I was the one who call hysterically I was 4 days away for the test well I pass both in one time shot. I guess what I try to say is thanks for your honesty, and for a very good study test . I have no dought without the study test the story would it be deferent. thanks again. and ye you can use this letter if you whant” xxxxx

“Thank You so much for your review. I read the book through twice, read the glossary once and used the online review every chance I had. I finished the test this morning in less than two hours and passed! Not bad for a Redneck who six weeks ago did not know anything about the Insurance Business! Thanks Again!” xxx xxxxxx

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I successfully completed my Life, Health and Variable Annuity Test today, scoring 96.6% on my first attempt. Your guidance was right on target. I worked the review until I consistently scored 98 to 100% in practice. Eventually, I would work 200 questions at each sitting with the pop quizzes at the start and end of each session. I carefully reviewed your explanations for both the correct and incorrect responses. This approach provided a good foundation of knowledge to work with and got me used to answering 200 questions at a time, which exceeded the number of questions on the actual exam. The test contained no real surprises as I was very well prepared from your review. Thank you again for an outstanding product. I felt totally unprepared for the exam following the completion of the 40 hour on-line school that I took. Your review made all the difference!” xxxxx xxxx