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To Enroll in the Online Course (You might even want to print this out to stay on track)

Four Step Process:

Step 1

  1. First purchase the PMReview ZoomPack for your State – That cost is $29.95
  2. Ignore the Coupon Code – you don’t need to enter anything there
  3. When you have completed the ordering process, you will receive an email with your PMReview Username/Password and a Preferred Discount code for the SILVER online course with AD Banker – You will be saving $60 off their price of $129.95.

Step 2

  1. Go to and choose Exam Preparation and your state
  2. Make sure it says Prelicensing
  3. If you need to choose a city, choose any city, it doesn’t make any difference
  4. Choose your line (Life and Health) and on Online Course
  5. Choose within your line – specific – and your Package (Silver) depress ADD
  6. If you wish to have a textbook, select ADD for $31. If not, select Already have…
  7. Review your order and enter the Discount Code (Promo Code) and click Update
  8. If you are satisfied with the result, click Checkout
  9. When you have completed the process you will receive an email with instructions.

Step 3

  1. Use the AD Banker Online Course to certify that you have taken the required class.
  2. When you have finished the course, the certification will be sent to the state and you will then be qualified to take the state exam, but….

Step 4

  1. Now it is time to study the PMReview ZoomPack. Use your PMReview username and password you received earlier to thoroughly prepare for your state exam. You will be “qualified” to take the state exam after Step 3, but you ought to spend 20 to 30 hours in the PMReview ZoomPack to make sure you are WELL PREPARED to do so.

Click link to go to the order page: